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Opus Rex Band
“This band is the most driven band I have ever seen. They are professional and incredibly adept musicians.”
– ROGER GINSLEY (SNR Sound Engineer – RUSH, Queen, BNL…)

“I just heard yet another, outstanding, newly created Opus Rex song. Remember that name folks. Opus. Rex. The musicality, expression, and cohesion of these musicians are phenomenal!”
– KRISTINE SCHENK (Music Business Owner)

“Opus Rex is fantastic…you can’t help but give them your full attention because they play with such confidence and pride. On their journey to becoming the next greatest band, I will be there supporting them every step of the way.”
– SHAWNA KAUZEN (#1 fan)


As one reviewer put it, “Opus Rex has arrived! This all-original band dominates the stage, commanding your attention to absorb every morsel of their distinctive sound. The passion for their music exudes from the professionalism of each member through their unique lead changes, powerful vocals, infectious keyboards and fierce drumming. Together they have formed the phenomena [sic] known as Opus Rex.” In short, if you are a fan of legendary rock bands such as Rush, Dream Theater, Tool, and others like them, you owe it to yourself to check out the music of Opus Rex.

Their captivating lyrics and commanding musical prowess have captured the attention of fans and musicians alike. With a combination of powerful delivery and catchy melodies, their album ‘EVOLVE’ is a whirlwind musical roller coaster.

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